Posted by: Little Miss | September 6, 2007

Fibro-Uh Oh!

This is my site dedicated to my journey with Fibromyalgia and all things that affect my attitude.

I firmly believe that the key to a happy life lies in my attitude about what fortune, or misfortune, lands in my lap.

Stay tuned for more musings, links to resources about Fibromyalgia, and general attempts to keep a positive attitude daily.



  1. Beautiful! I love the title, the colors, and the layout of this— the photo at the top is so serene.

  2. That picture is from Maui, Hawaii this last November when I was there with my mother. All I wanted to do the whole time there was to immerse myself in the water.

  3. Water’s supposed to be great for fibro– I wish I was in a pool right now(my sister lived in Hawaii for years– I never went to see her once, because I’m terrified to fly!)…

  4. […] Little Miss Attitude sent a great link, which is the ADA’s description of Fibromyalgia, along with a list of Reasonable Accomodations list for employers. For some reason, I’m unable to link it here, but here’s the URL: […]

  5. […] We laugh and cry together, and provide hope and strength. It was through blogging that I met Brian, Little Miss, Beth Z, Tammy, RM, and Wendy, among many others– writers, editors, and friends who […]

  6. […] Little Miss […]

  7. […] flare has lasted waaaaaay too long. I was lamenting to another blogger (Little Miss, who has an excellent fibro blog) that even the weight of my blankets have been causing pain when I sleep at night. Forget the fact […]

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