Posted by: Little Miss | September 8, 2007


Ha! I weeded part of the garden today. A small patch, but I weeded it nonetheless. It was gorgeous sunny outside and I felt I could do it. I had to take a break in between, but I feel so much better that my nice neighbors don’t have to look at the weeds that were standing three feet tall anymore.

Then I got a call to drive out and help my daugher and son-in-law take home their new TV. I have an SUV, so I’m called on to help or borrow the “truck” often. That’s fine by me because I got to see my grandson. He’s 2. I have so much fun around him and he makes me forget my pain.

It was time to leave and I didn’t want to leave him, so I volunteered to take him home with me so my daughter and her hubby could have a nice evening to themselves. I got the benefit of enjoying a cute little boy for the evening.

We drove through the farmlands and there was a guy parachuting over the fields. You should have heard my grandson try to say “parachute” all the way home, over and over. Sounded like a little Frenchman “para-zheet” He cracks me up.

Anyway, we managed dinner, bath, and bedtime quite successfully, but I do ache. I’ve been getting more ache in my right arm – elbow and shoulder – but that could also be computer overuse.

We’ll see how I do tomorrow!



  1. I found your blog through the “tag surfer” feature and would like to add you to my blogroll. I’m trying network, if you will, with other chronic sufferers… sort of my own little support network I guess.

  2. Sounds like so much fun!

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