Posted by: Little Miss | September 11, 2007

Getting Through the Day


What’s better than the thought of a little two year old who adores you to make your day better? This is the little man love of my life. He and his big sister are one of the many things I turn my mind to when the days get long and tough.

I have noticed the last few days that as I’ve been pushing myself to get to work daily (instead of working from home), I’m not surprisingly getting more tired and my symptoms are on the rise, but my moods are swinging more rapidly as well. I got to work today all prepared to make the best of everything, and the minute I put my bag down, my eyes welled up and I wanted to cry.

Later this afternoon, my daughter told that my grandson was coloring and all of a sudden started calling out for me. (Right now he calls me Mom because that’s what he hears her call me. He calls her Mama.) That made my day. The thought of his cute little voice, his hugs and kisses, and I could manage almost any pain that surfaced and having to deal with work.



  1. Oh my gosh– what a cutie!!!!

    I’m sorry work is so hard. I remember it well. I truly dread going back at the end of the month—let’s run away!

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