Posted by: Little Miss | September 16, 2007

My Prescription for Pain Relief

Play this video over and over until you forget what hurts. Or until the ache in your cheeks from smiling and laughing overcomes the ache everywhere else. Pay particular attention to the little boy (my grandson) and how he delights in life – in this case, his very, very patient and loving old cat, Felix.



  1. Now that’s my kind of therapy! I can’t believe the cat just sat there like that. And what a cutie that grandson of yours is!

  2. Ouiser: That cat is the best cat for kids ever. He lets the kids full-on lay on him. He puts up with it for hours. Even when he’s had enough, he doesn’t hurt them trying to get away. And thank you, I think my grandson is so sweet. He melts my heart daily.

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