Posted by: Little Miss | September 22, 2007

What do you get when…

You mix the flu with a fibromyalgia flare-up? Almost dead. I’ve been out of commission since Wednesday with flu and am only now feel like I’m really living again. Combined with the flare up from the excessive walking I did a week ago at the fair, I was unable to do anything other than sleep – and not even much of that – and lay in bed. I feel like I’ve lost three days out of my life. And everything hurt. My legs, my head, my chest. And with the fibromyalgia flare up often I couldn’t even sleep because of the pain and restless leg syndrome.

But at least I had this little face to keep me company, and warm. Little Lily. She’s like a little heating pad and she loves to be under piles of blankets. She is the most lovey little puppy I’ve ever known.

Clearly she was meant to be in my life because I can’t imagine not having her now. What a mood alterer when you come in the door and a little tail wags so fast you can’t see it move, and you get little doggy kisses welcoming you. Certainly my cats don’t do that, although they do love me. And I’ve had husbands that didn’t even bother to get up off the chair in the other room when I’d come home. Hmm. Hubby? Puppy? Ya, I think for now I’ll stick with the puppy. Although sometimes it’s nice to have someone to provide human input to my silly comments and thinking.

I’m glad I’m feeling better but I’m remembering to take frequent breaks and not overdo it. The sun is shining in through the fall leaves on the trees in the backyard and into my room, and it makes me very grateful for my surroundings and my ability to provide quite well for myself. I’ve had some time to think, too, about how this fibromyalgia is changing my life and what positive changes will come out of it. I know there will be something good, but specifically what that is has not been made clear yet.

Stay tuned.



  1. I didn’t know you were so sick. Glad you’re feeling better. It must be “puppy magic.”

  2. Thanks, MBMQ. I only had energy to comment on posts and not post myself. 🙂 Did you get home okay?

  3. I did– my energy level’s low too. I couldn’t write much when I was at my mom’s because she’s a notorious computer hog. Had to get a couple of posts out of my system. I’m an addict!

  4. Oh my! The flu?? On top of a flare? And you lived to tell about it? He, he. I’m barely surviving this horrible cold and I’m not even flaring so you certainly have my sympathies. I know what saved you… it was the puppycillin!

  5. LOL – Puppycillin. That’s great, Ouiser. I will hang on to that term. Perfect!

    MBMQ – glad you are home and hopefully it won’t be too long before you get a bit more energy, although I know how it goes. 🙂

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