Posted by: Little Miss | September 24, 2007

Class Act

I admire this woman.

I grew up with Marie Osmond. Well, not with her but watching her and Donny on TV and listening to their music. She’s only about six months older than me, so I can relate to her in many ways. (Only I didn’t have eight kids.) But she is a total class act. She suffered from post-partum depression, made it public, dealt with it openly and honestly and helped so many women by that act. She always handles herself with dignity and grace. She’s now a divorced single mom and isn’t sitting blaming her ex-husband for what went wrong. Class act.

Now she’s a contestant on the ABC TV competition, Dancing with the Stars. I always dreamed of dancing like that. In my head, I can. In my soul and in my dreams I’m a gymnast and ballroom dancer, and I can cha-cha-cha with the best of them. I think the dancing they do is sexy, fun, and exhilirating. It takes talent and perserverence, and most of all guts, to get up in front of everyone and be vulnerable and try your best. She has courage. Courage to stand up and keep smiling. Courage to be vulnerable.

I have courage of a different sort. I perservere. I keep standing. I – most of the time – keep smiling. But I have a very, very difficult time being vulnerable, and of course, there’s no way physically I could ever do what she does. But I admire her completely. I wish I could be more like her. She inspires me to keep on, steadfast, looking forward, never back, and being true to who I am. She shows me that at 47 you aren’t too old to be sexy and beautiful. Even after children. She motivates me to live life as fully as possible, to do my best to maintain a positive attitude, and most of all to find fun and laughter in what God brings my way.

Like I said, class act.


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