Posted by: Little Miss | September 25, 2007

What’s for Dinner?

If there’s one thing in the world I dislike doing, it’s figuring out what’s for dinner. Whether I live alone or with my family, it’s something that I never have an answer to. I am not sure why this is, although I have my theories. I’m a creative person and can usually find inventive solutions to most problems, but the hunger one just leaves me baffled every time.

Who knows how this started. I don’t blame my parents. I don’t blame eating boring, bland, British food for too many years as an impressionable teenager. Maybe it’s just who I am. I can look at a cupboard full of food and can’t think of a thing to make with it. I often can’t even figure out what it is I want to eat without being given two or three options first. When I was married, it was easy. He figured out a few options and I usually went along with his ideas. When I was suddenly single again, I figured I’d have to learn for myself what I wanted to eat. I do know what I like and what I don’t like now, but I still have the quandry of what I want when I’m actually hungry. And this even extends to “Where do you want to go for lunch?” Argh. Please don’t ask me.


I also can’t stomach grocery shopping for the same reason. I don’t know how – or even care to know how – to put ingredients together into a satisfying meal. Oh, sure, I have my few main dishes I know how to make, and I’ve been feeding myself fairly well for (ahem) a few dozen years now. But I get bored and unimaginative when it comes to grocery shopping.

However, I did have an epiphany one day when I succumbed and went grocery shopping myself. (I usually get my daughter to go for me – she’s a better bargain shopper anyway.) Have you ever listened to the music they play in the stores? It’s supposed to be easy listening, but I find it really depressing. It’s the sad love songs or songs that usually remind me of a sad time in my life.

The other thing that was an eye-opener to me was when I was leaving the grocery store one day. I had a huge moment of clarity. Going to the grocery store only shines a spotlight on my loneliness. I realized this when pushing my cart to the car – I was heading home with food and no one to share it with. That was really depressing. Why keep going there when all it does is depress me?

So, usually, faced with a huge lack of culinary imagination, I resort to my favorite fast food. Smothered in melted butter, of course. (Oh hush. I know it’s bad for my heart.)




  1. I’ve always believed if I only had myself to cook for (no kids, hubby, or mother) that I could do those frozen dinners every night and be perfectly content! I just don’t enjoy cooking like I use to. Well, kind of hard to when you feel this damn rotten all the time. And I never had a problem with menu planning until I married Brian. He is the pickiest eater I’ve ever met! Plus, my son is almost as picky so grocery list making and menu planning make my brain hurt! Shame we can’t just hire personal cooks and let them worry about our menu options and balanced diet. I’ve GOT to play that lottery more!

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