Posted by: Little Miss | September 26, 2007


Psychic prediction says to expect a major flare-up of fibro symptoms within the next 48 hours due to the car accident I was in this morning. Okay, so it’s not a psychic prediction – it’s a given. Headache has already started, back is on ice (twenty minutes on, forty minutes off), tingling in left arm, ache in neck, soon to be all over, I’m sure.

Great. Just great.

Thank God my work allows me to telecommute since the doc said not to drive today. Now I just need a nap, but I have a conference call in a half hour. All I want to do right now is sleep.



  1. Oh no! I hope that you’re okay. May all your flares be small. (<<<this is my new Fibromyalgia greeting card slogan). Rest up and be well.

  2. Thank you, MBMQ. I just got back from physical therapy. Lots of stuff is swelling up, and really hurts, but overall, we are ahead of the curve with the pain. Had I waited until tomorrow to go in, things would be a lot different. I’m not supposed to commute to work for the rest of the week though. That’s two hours a day I don’t need to aggravate things.

    Hope you are doing better too!

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