Posted by: Little Miss | September 29, 2007

I think I can… well, then again, maybe not

After my recent fender bender, I took very good care of myself and got the treatment I needed to prevent any big flare-up or any serious effects from the accident. I felt pretty good last night when I went to my mom’s to see her off for a trip to the midwest starting tomorrow. Today, I got up early, went and got my nails done, and then went shopping. I needed new fall clothes so off I went in search of stuff since I don’t have my sewing room set up yet.

But now I know that I cannot do hours and hours of walking. I did fairly well by shopping about an hour, then stopping, then when two hours had passed, realized I was done and should go home and rest. So I did. So far so good. Got home and then my daughter and I realized we needed to go to Costco. So, after only a short rest of a half hour or so, off we went. For anyone who shops at Costco, you know it’s a lot of walking and walking. Halfway through that outing, my hips started aching and I knew it was time to go home. Now that I think about it, I was having muscle spasms way back at the mall and did not listen to the warning signs.

I mistakenly thought I was invincible and I suppose part of me hoped I could be “normal” and do all the things to the extent that I used to in the past. Tonight I am laid up in bed with the searing pain down my legs and in my hip joints and groin. Ugh. And my feet hurt – and I was wearing good, expensive walking shoes.

One of these days I’ll know just how much I really can do and how much I need to leave for another day. But until I get that radar calibrated just right, I guess this is just what I’m going to have to expect. Sucks doesn’t it?

But the good news is I found some lovely coordinating throw pillows and a soft, cozy chenile throw for my bed so when I’m laid up watching TV, knitting, or blogging on my bed, I have a cozy place to rest my legs. And pretty new clothes to wear to work next week – oh, my, the sales… well, I’ll leave that for another post. I guess, maybe, it was sorta worth it. But then again, maybe not.



  1. I’m going to post about my shopping adventures momentarily, too. I found some great sales too! Guess they’re clearing out for Christmas.

    I hate to hear about the car wreck! If a car wreck/wiplash can cause FM, wonder what it can do to someone who already has it?

  2. Exactly, Oiuser. Here’s what I found from as a cause: Injury. An injury or trauma, particularly in the upper spinal region, may trigger the development of fibromyalgia in some people. An injury may affect your central nervous system, which may trigger fibromyalgia.

    My daughter was in a worse rear-ender in July 2006 – a teenager going 40 mph when my daughter was at a complete stop. Hit her hard enought to push her into the car in front of her, and mush her front fender. Prior to that she was active and losing weight and her whole life was in front of her. Now I think she has FM as well. Since she’s on DSHS, the rheumatologist I went to isn’t accepting new patients, so we have to find someone who will evaluate her.

  3. Your bedroom sounds so comforting and cozy. Now I want to make mine more of a haven.

    I hope you’re feeling better after your accident. I had a bike wreck over the weekend, and the first think I thought of was, “oh crap– another flare.”

  4. Thanks, MB. It didn’t used to be a haven, just an escape.

    I hope you don’t have another flare, but I thought about that when I read your blog about your bike riding.

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