Posted by: Little Miss | October 2, 2007

Survey Says

My fellow fibromyalgia friend, Moonbeam McQueen is conducting a very unscientific survey on common threads among those of us with fibromyalgia. I do know that the syndrome affects everyone differently. My massage therapist tonight asked me if I was having a flare and she mentioned that some people don’t even like to be touched during a flare. So far, that’s not the case for me.  But I’m eager to see what the responses are to Moonbeam McQueen’s survey are…. so… do head on over there to her blog, FibromyOWgia, and answer what questions you can. We can all learn from it.

Carry on, as best you can.



  1. Thank you, Little Miss! If anyone wants to keep their responses confidential they can just e-mail their answers to me at yahoo.

    I know that people with Fibro have some things in common, but I want to find out what the differences are, and if there’s some common denominator that hasn’t been considered yet. My personal favorite is that maybe it’s a result of alien abductions. Seems like as good an explanation as any 🙂

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