Posted by: Little Miss | October 16, 2007

Making Good Choices

My physical therapist’s voice mail has a message that reminds me to “Choose wisely.” In essence, she says health is more important than wealth, and the choices I make today could affect my health tomorrow.

When I first heard that it sounded like a fairly obvious statement, but this was before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Now that I have fibro, the more I learn about my condition, the more this statement is very profound.

My choices this weekend?

Not-so-good choice: Going shopping for baby shower gifts after a long day and then spending three hours doing it.

Good choice: Leaving the big, awkward, or heavy stuff in the car until the morning.

Good choice: Not wrapping the presents the same night, and going to bed at a decent hour.

Not-so-good choice: Carrying the awkward car seat box in and out of the house all by myself.

Not-so-good choice: Wrapping all the presents at one time.

Not-so-good choice: Not accepting help carrying the stuff into the hostess’ house.  

Good choice:  Resting and knitting for a spell before taking all the stuff up to my daughter’s house after the shower.

Good choice: Letting the manly men carry in the big stuff from my car.

Good choice: Stopping at home to eat and ice my back before deciding to go to a friend’s scrapbooking event, and then deciding I was too tired, stiff and sore to go.

Good choice: Spending Sunday resting and doing only laundry and watching football games and knitting.

Not-so-good choice: Not icing my back when it started to hurt. 

Good choice: Deciding to buy vintage LPs from a local bookstore rather than break my back (literally) digging through my garage for my own collection to donate from.

Not-so-good choice: Driving a lot in the bad traffic that always happens in Seattle when it rains – cuz, dontcha know no one here has ever driven in the rain before?

Good choice: Working from home today and icing my back twenty minutes every hour.

Overall, I guess my good choices are about equal to my not-so-good choices. I deliberately didn’t call them bad choices because that’s too black and white, and I’m doing as well as I can learning how to make choices that won’t negatively impact my body. I’m learning that I have to mentally figure out timing, the likelihood of a future flareup, and other repercussions before I do anything. Sheesh. Just remembering all that is exhausting.



  1. Now this is a very good exercise! Reflecting back on choices allows you to see room for improvement, but I agree that you did quite well considering the tasks you had before you. Going to give this a shot on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] Miss Exercise on Choices Posted on October 16, 2007 by tammyrenee I just read Little Miss’s post about making good choices and figured I would try that, too, and see how I’m managing my […]

  3. Thanks, Tammy! I felt it was a good exercise. I sort of recited it to my physical therapist last night before posting this today. Even though I made some good choices, there’s still room to learn because I’ve been laid up pretty much all day with a back that’s tighter than a washboard and pain around all my tender points. And fatigue… lemme tell ya.

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