Posted by: Little Miss | November 15, 2007

Just Call Me Grace

The last 48 hours have been very busy. Busier than they have been in a long while. Part of me is pushing through, just waiting to see how far I can go before my body screams at me to stop. Well, tonight it screamed – and then laughed.

Yesterday was a busy day with driving two and a half hours total, first to a client meeting, then picking up glue sticks for a team craft project at work. I sat through a stressful, yet successful, client meeting, worked more at work, and then stayed late for a team event. I finally got to bed around 10:30 when I shut the computer off and called it quits on working.

This morning, I was up at the normal time, did some work, drove up to my daughter’s house, sat on an hour-long conference call, then drove her an hour away to the obstetrician to see if she was going to have her baby tonight or if we still had to wait till Tuesday. (We have to wait, unless baby decides differently.) Then we went to BabiesRUs and exchanged some stuff, and then drove home (I did most of the driving) to sit and watch baby videos of Cayden’s birth two and a half years ago.

Finally, I realized it was past 8 and time to go home. So, packing up my heavy computer into my computer bag, my knitting bag, and my purse laden with who knows what, I threw them all over my left shoulder, grabbed my coat, kissed my little grandson goodbye, and headed out the front door.

My son-in-law was outside talking on the phone to his mother, so I decided to walk around him. They have two paths to get to the drive way – one, the steps and concrete walkway where my son-in-law was standing, or the wooden wheelchair-accessible ramp with rails that runs parallel to the other path. I chose the wooden ramp.

I waved cheerily at Cody, said good night, took a couple steps and suddenly I’m performing a combination of a football player’s drop to one knee combined with a ballerina’s splits. My right leg goes straight out in front of me and my left leg folds up under me, folding my foot and ankle under my lower leg in a very unnatural way. I’d stepped on slug slime, combined with wet wood, and, voila!

At first I pulled myself up and hung over the railing, writhing in pain, tears messing up my mascara. Cody got off the phone, went inside and told my daughter I fell, and by the time they were all back outside to see if I was okay, the pain had subsided, for the most part.

Then the laughter set in. Geez, we are a sick bunch. I couldn’t stop laughing. Cody thought I was so graceful in my exit and way of saying “Bye!”, and Cindy, well, she couldn’t laugh too hard, she’d pee her pants – what with the baby pressing down and all.

Yup, we’re sick. Reminded me of the time the three of us were walking into Blockbuster’s and Cody thought the door was three feet before it really was, hung a quick and determined right turn and did a faceplant into the glass plate window and bounced back off of it. Literally. Cindy and I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole time we were in the store.

You know how they say actors have to drill into their memory banks to find things that evoke certain emotions? Well, now I have two memories firmly planted in my grey matter that will inevitably, without fail, push me to laugh till my sides hurt and I start snorting through my nose.

Oh, and my body said stop. Time to rest. At least until tomorrow morning. And watch out for snail slime.



  1. Oh nooooo!!!! I hope you’re okay! This is awful and hilarious at once. And secretly, I hope you can’t read this because you’re at the hospital, admiring the new grandbaby.

  2. Sigh, MBMQ, thank you for the sentiment. I only wish we were at the hospital, as does my daughter. I don’t understand why the doctors don’t just deliver the baby now. What’s two more days? She’s scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday am. Anyhoo… I am fine, I think. I notice that my left knee now hurts when I go down the stairs, so I’ll point that out to my chiropractor tomorrow. Usually it takes me a couple days to stiffen up or show any injuries. At least I did some marathon housecleaning today, so I should be triply stiff tomorrow!

  3. Sounds like you were determined to visit the hospital that night, one way or the other, ha, ha. Glad to hear you aren’t in traction!

    And I’m so excited for you about the new grandbaby! I’m different when it comes to that, though. Kaden was a scheduled c-section and when it came down to the last two weeks, I found myself wanting to push it back further! I just wasn’t SURE I was ready! Did i have enough of this? Did we get plenty of that? With my grandbaby, we didn’t have time to for all that. She went a few weeks early and all I kept thinking that night was… DAMN! Couldn’t this wait??

  4. Tammyrenee: I can certainly understand wanting to wait. She’s scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday, but she tends to have large babies – the last was 9.5 and this one looks to be close to the same and she is soooooo uncomfortable. So most of the eagerness on my part is for her so she’s not so miserable. Lots of eagerness on my part just to see the little cutie.

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