Posted by: Little Miss | December 6, 2007

Done. Enough.

I just completed a marathon 13.5 hours of editing and preparing a document for the first round of edits by the client – a client who really knows nothing about how document editing and review works, or how to prepare a document. And the client – who works for a giant software company – doesn’t realize how crappy their word processing program is that I am forced to work with. Even after 13.5 solid hours, I didn’t have a finished document the way I promised I would because the program kept crashing on me and it gets to a point of diminishing returns. So I shipped what I had.

Now I’m waiting for the shoe to drop tomorrow. The client will wonder why I didn’t deliver as promised. Because I’m not freaking SUPERWOMAN, that’s why. Because he stole 100 hours of my editing time, that’s why. Because I’m tired, that’s why.

And all during this, my daughter – the new mommy – was having a bad day and I wanted to be there for her and help out, but I couldn’t. There was no way I could stop my work and go over there – not without making matters worse with the client, which would ultimately go badly for me with my job.

Someday, I’ll work it out where I have balance – where I can put my family first the way I want to. There were so many times when my kids were little that I had to put work first for fear of getting fired. I was a single mom, so I had no security net to land on if I failed. I still have no security net, and I still feel bad when I can’t be there to help my daughter. It’s only been two weeks and she’s alone with three children. That’s hard for any woman. Husband has to work, but mom should be able to help out. I wish.

Now I know a flare-up is coming from the stress of this deadline. And I still have more work to do and the final document has to be delivered next Friday.

I know one thing for sure. When an engineer says a document is pretty good and doesn’t need much editing – do NOT believe him. They have no clue. And next time I have to estimate hours for a client like this, I’m doubling – maybe even tripling – my estimate.



  1. I’m sending you hugs. I really, really feel your pain!

  2. Thank you, MB. The end is in sight (with this editing project, that is.)

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