Posted by: Little Miss | December 9, 2007

Contrary To My Expectations

In my last post, I mentioned how I figured my client would wonder why I hadn’t delivered as I thought he expected me to – or as I’d promised. I was wrong. Instead, he was extremely pleased and felt the voice and tone changes I’d made to his document were a great improvement and that the document read so much better now. Phew! My colleague and I were very happy with this reaction Friday night, and she congratulated me on a job well done. Well, I’m not completely done – I still have more edits to make, reinstate some footnotes and hyperlinks, fix font issues, rewrite some sections and try to incorporate some areas the client insists on keeping. This takes tact and finesse to be able to please the client, while still keeping the document readable for the audience. I can do this. This is what I’ve worked years to learn and what I’m good at, so I’m not worried.

Yesterday, I had expectations to make around ten dozen cookies with my grandkids and my daughter and that didn’t happen either. We had a blast though because I enjoyed the time with them. What a blessing it is to hear my six year old granddaughter say how she loves having Grandma come over and bake cookies. She was such a good helper and really enjoyed it. My little two year old grandson though just thought he was supposed to eat the cookie dough. He didn’t understand about cutting it out and baking it or decorating it. But, hey, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Now today, I had fully expected to spend the afternoon writing and editing and getting a head start on work I need to do this week. The final document from the aforementioned client is due Friday. Instead, since I had fibro-insomnia last night, partially aided by little doggies that wouldn’t settle down, I was exhausted all day. And in pain. My foot bones hurt, my shoulders, hip, knee, back, and elbows hurt. And I feel the fibro fog in the brain. I can’t focus.

So, contrary to my expectations, what I hoped to accomplish this weekend didn’t happen, but it’s all good. I had fun with the family, and today I’m resting and taking care of myself.


Update on the PT issue – she’s been fired. Not formally of course, but fired nonetheless. My chiropractor has me going on a different path of treatment including deep tissue massage. His eyebrows raised when I told him what she said and did, and he must have discussed it with his wife (also a chiropractor) because my next visit with him, he encouraged me to fire her and stated that her actions and comments were “borderline reportable.” She’s not a monster, and she has taught me some good things. However, it’s now to the point where I’ve lost trust in her, I tense up when I’m there, and I don’t want to go. That’s not a good place for a healing relationship. And a very bad place to be if you have fibromyalgia.



  1. Glad to hear the client was happy with your work. Even more pleased to hear you are getting a new therapist. I’ve wanted to try that deep tissue massage stuff myself! Let us know how that works out for ya.

    And by the way, even now that I’m married and unable to work, I still never seem to feel I’ve devoted enough of myself to my children. I think it is a “mom” thing. Everytime I think about the mamma birds kicking their babies out of the nest, though, I smile and think I’m at least one up on one species, ha, ha.

  2. It’s amazing how quickly things turn around, and often for the better. Great news about your client.

    Your chiropractor sounds pretty great. I like it that he actually is thinking about you as an individual, and trying to determine what’s best.

  3. MB: Still waiting to see what the client says about the second draft, but my colleague says it completely rocks – particularly in the readability department. Hee hee. I’m proud of it. And I’ve got to make the appointment with the new therapy regime so I’ll keep you posted on that too.

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