Posted by: Little Miss | December 24, 2007

Was Grinchy, Now Grinchless

I started off this season sort of feeling like this:


I was pretty bah-humbug Grinch-like, to be certain. I avoided the stores at all costs, mostly because I didn’t have the money to spend. But I had a conversation with my younger daughter a couple days ago after I made a comment about hating Christmas. She told me to stop. She likes Christmas and this was because I worked so hard when she and her sister were little to make it a wonderful event, and that it has happy memories and associations for her. I had never really heard her say that before. When I mentioned what she said to my older daughter she also agreed, saying that was why she works so hard to make it wonderful for her children also.

So I figured, enough of my selfish poo-pooing about the holiday. It’s going to come and go regardless of my circumstances and I’ve learned that my attitude isn’t confined to me only. I rub off on other people whether I intend to or not. (I guess that goes for positive feelings also?) My negativity was bringing people down, and self-pity and worrying that this would be another lonely holiday like last year won’t get me anywhere.

So, my attitude has changed. Thank you to all of you who have reminded me that things will be better – they already are. In that spirit, I’d like to list twelve things I’m grateful for this holiday:

  1. I have a roof over my head. It’s all my own (and the bank’s) but it’s mine.
  2. Inside the four walls of my roof, I have warmth, heat, enough food, and seven furry animals that love me unconditionally and keep my feet warm at night.
  3. I have my very own Cindy Lou Who, embodied in my oldest daughter, who reminds me that Christmas is more than just presents and spending money.
  4. I have my younger daughter who reminded me that I’m a good mom, and who keeps on trying despite so many obstacles she encounters in life.
  5. I have a car that runs and has gas and insurance. That may seem obvious and taken for granted by many, but I fully recognize that it could be different. I could be taking the bus places, or driving without insurance.
  6. It’s not raining today, and it’s not snowing, which means even with tires that need replacing, I can get to my mother’s for Christmas dinner tomorrow and enjoy seeing the grandkids open what presents we did get them.
  7. My mother’s roommate who takes great care of my mother. This woman loves her, cooks for her, drives her across country to see her only living cousin, and makes sure she’s comfortable and safe.
  8. My father. Even though he’s not physically around, to me he’s around in spirit. It’s his example that taught me to pick myself up by my bootstraps and keep trudging, even when the visibility down the road gets extremely limited.
  9. My fibromyalgia. Even with this limitation, it’s forced me to slow down and look at my priorities differently.
  10. My blogland friends. Many of you I met through this blog because of my fibromyalgia and I’m so glad I met you. The humor, compassion, honesty, and strength you all exhibit inspires me.
  11. Unemployment income. Without it, I’d be a very scared girl indeed.
  12. Faith and spirituality. My own version of it. Without these things, which intermingle thus why I listed them together, I would not be the strong person I am today, and I wouldn’t have the fortitude and stamina to keep plugging away and getting up every day.

Happy holidays, everyone. For my Christmas card to you, check out my other blog. 🙂



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  2. Thank you, Khurt. I’ll look into it. Happy Holidays.

  3. Am enjoying both your blogs. Have something similar to your mum I think [but all over] but as am only 52 decided to take up quilting seven years ago to distract me. Have started a little business from that beginning so loved to read your above post because I have found no matter how bad we feel there is always someone else who can top you! Not so much counting our blessings but acknowledging our limitations and getting on with life anyway. It is good to know you.

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