Posted by: Little Miss | January 7, 2008

Of Fathers and Grandsons – Part Two

I talk about my dad a lot. Today I came across a photo of him, and I thought I’d share it with you.


The quality is poor, as it’s a photo of a print of a scanned photo, so about three generations degraded in quality. But I love this picture. My father always smiled like this, often after telling some corny joke, and often he’d make crazy faces too in his pictures. He had an infectious laugh and a sense of humor that wouldn’t end.

The main picture I came across today at my mom’s was actually a full 8×10 portrait. I flipped it over and stapled to the back of the photo was his talent scout resume. It was a brief list of his abilities that a talent agency would need to know to send him out for auditions. I found the list quite interesting. Among his many talents of voice and acting, it listed him as a “freelance copy writer”. Hmmm. Isn’t that what I’m working towards being? The freelance part, that is. I’m already a copy writer.

It made me choke up a bit to think about how much like my father I am. I have many of his talents and interests and if he were here today, he’d be all over the new computer stuff we got set up for my mother. I also like to think I have a lot of his sense of humor.

So, where does the grandsons part of these posts come in? I had thoughts of that a while back, but my fibro fog dulled those thoughts right out of my brain, so I can’t remember. I do know this: I hope to be able to pass on to my grandsons all the wonderful things I’ve inherited from my father. I see a lot of the humor and sweetness already in my oldest grandson, Cayden. We have yet to see about Evan, but I’m certain he will be just as sweet, and just as handsome.




  1. I was surfing around and stumbled across your post – your father had a great face 🙂

  2. TheRoyston: Thanks so much!

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