Posted by: Little Miss | January 11, 2008

Meeting the Author

I’ve talked before about the profound impact Embraced by the Light, by Betty Eadie, had on my spiritual growth, understanding of life and God. I read it just a few months prior to my father’s death, and what I read helped me understand just what was going on. That was 14 years ago, and it’s probably time for me to read it again. I might read something new in there this time.


However, I wanted to share with you how I was later blessed with an opportunity to meet Betty Eadie.


When my father died, he was a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous with 32 years of continuous sobriety. (I never saw my father drink.) One of the things he and my mother did was host a talk radio show about sobriety. One of their friends took over that late-night talk show after my father’s death. On the anniversary of my father’s passing, she (the new host) had invited both me (representing my father) and Betty Eadie to be on the show. I do not recall what Bettie Eadie had in common with AA or sobriety, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I was able to spend an hour with Betty and her handsome son, Joe, on the air, and some time before and after the show. Somewhere I still have the recording from that show, I’m sure.

What I remember most about that night is this:

Betty Eadie’s near death experience happened on the same day of the month (or the day before) that my father passsed away. Of course, hers was several years earlier. I thought that was a very strange coincidence, and had by then come to believe that there are no coincidences in life.

The woman, Betty, was the warmest, most loving human I think I have ever encountered. There was a grace, dignity, and serenity that enveloped her that was indescribable.

When we parted, Betty gave me a hug. Not the air hug that some people give when they meet someone for the first time, or the light obligatory hug that is socially acceptable. No. This woman gave me a hug and held me for a brief moment. I felt pure love in her hug. This woman didn’t really know me from Adam. This was the first and only time I’ve met her, but I felt this hug from her as if she had been my mother all my life and was saying goodbye to me and blessing me in my life ahead as I ventured forth on my own.

She probably will never know the impact she had on me in that brief moment. But it is a memory that will burn in my soul forever, and one to which I can cling when time are tough and I need a hug. All I need to do is think back to the feeling of that night. Acceptance, love, and serenity. All wrapped up in a moment.

Someday, I will pass that on, if I haven’t already.


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