Posted by: Little Miss | January 22, 2008

Doctor Report and Fibro Treatment

Today I went to the doctor for the first time since I was diagnosed with Fibro. This was my regular general practitioner, not the rheumatologist who diagnosed me. This doctor (the one today) I like. She’s really the only doctor in that clinic I do like. She takes her time and listens and really pays attention. We are going to try a new drug – no, not Lyrica. She wants to try me on Gabapentin. It’s a drug that is usually used to treat restless leg syndrome. She thinks it will help with my RLS, and my fibromyalgia. In addition, she wants me to have another sleep study. I had one back in 1999 and was diagnosed with upper airway obstruction syndrome (or something like that.) It’s not sleep apnea, but just next to that.

To be honest, I’m very hesitant about taking any drug, for any reason. I had to go through a period in my life where I had to take about four or five medications every day. It saved my life, but it was horrible to have to take pills every day. Now I’m off all pills and I like it that way. But – if a medication will improve my quality of life, and it is doctor prescribed, then I’m willing to give it a try.

However, that said, I’m doing a ton of research on the drug. I don’t know if I’ve turned into more of a natural treatment advocate or not, but I want to make sure before I ingest a chemical I am fully educated on the side effects. Does the benefit of taking the drug have the potential to outweigh the issue of living with problem untreated? That’s what I have to decide.



  1. Hi my husband was put on it at our hospital pain clinic as he has restless legs and sciatica. No side effects and he and I are both getting much better sleep. It really helped the chronic pain too. Before that he was really distressed with pain so his quality of life has really improved. His voice sounds normal again, when he is in a lot of pain his voice is very small, strained. Hope you get all the information you need, they are really promoting it at our pain clinic.

  2. like you, i am cautious about popping pills. are the side effects & risks worth it? sometimes they are. i use to get 4-5 migraines a week. i could not function. i was put on a beta blocker. despite the fact that it lowers my already freakishly low blood pressure, i take it because it has eliminated the migraines….totally. until i started on the beta blocker, i had not noticed how much the migraines were taking away from my life. to be pain free is truly an amazing thing.

  3. MQ and Mermaid: Thank you for your experiences. This eases my mind considerably about taking the drug. Hopefully it will work beautifully and I can have some of my life back. I really want to get back to finishing my home remodel and SEWING! Ya!

  4. I’m exactly the same way. I fight tooth and nail, and research like crazy. Please let me know how this works for you.

    Have you ever been to a pain clinic?

  5. Nope, haven’t been to a pain clinic but am going to a Hellerworks facility tomorrow. That should help, and it’s drug-free.

    This tells about Hellerworks.

  6. My rheumatoid specialst took me OFF Gabapentin (Neurontin) and put me on Requip instead. BIG MISTAKE.

    I just went off both Lyrica and Requip and started Gabapentin again last night and slept awesome. I only take 600 mg 1x a day, so compared to Requip and 300 mg of Lyrica – this is a by far less dose.

    AND today I didn’t even need to take Advil or Tylenol – since being off pain meds this is my first day. 😀

  7. Free: That’s great to hear. I’m hoping I will be successful with this. The feedback so far is positive. So hope lingers…

  8. With Fibro., you have to start popping pills, because you get no relief, and you are desperate for a good nigts sleep, or a day without pain. I’ve had this lovely disease for 18 or so months and have been on 13 different meds. Only Lyrica helped, but it made me go blind. Good luck in your struggles!!!

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