Posted by: Little Miss | March 12, 2008

Fibro Research Study

Lately these days when I hear a TV commercial mention fibromyalgia, I usually ignore it or brush it off as some drug company selling me pills that aren’t primarily designed for fibromyalgia. However, fibromyalgia seems to be either becoming a trendy diagnosis to be used in selling drugs, or it’s becoming more prominent in the research field.

As it turns out, the research field appearst to be paying more attention to fibromyalgia, as this website that was mentioned on a commercial in my area (Seattle): 

It appears that they are doing research across the country, and I checked the location in Washington state where they are doing research and it happens to be the doctor that the rheumatologist who diagnosed me had mentioned was the best, but had now moved over to research only. Lucky for me.

I did the survey and applied. We’ll see what happens.



  1. Thanks for this post. I know @ Wayne State where a friend is a professor they have a study going on right now. Treating without medicine .. but they never called me back, damn them..

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