About Me

Here is where I’ll journal my daily success against Fibromyalgia, severe Vitamin D deficiency, and degenerative disk disease, as well as any other life event that challenges to disrupt my serenity and positive outlook on life. I am far from being a Polyanna, but I deeply believe that Attitude is Everything. I can choose to accept things, or I cannot. Either way, my attitude determines what kind of day I’m going to have. Most of the time.

I hope you find something here that helps you. If not, I know it will help me.

With friendship,

Little Miss.



  1. I accidentally came across your blog, and was admiring the ocean image you use, since I had used the very same one on a blog I used to keep. And then when I started reading, you “sound” like me when you write. And then when I read about you, that you have fibro, Vitamin D deficiency and degenerative disk disease, all of which I have too, I was astounded.

    If you tell me you were born on Sept. 19, 1962 and that you live in Arizona, I will be even more shocked.

    It’s so weird to find that there is someone in cyberspace in so many ways exactly like me. I hope you are having a good day, a good week, a good month.


  2. Wow, Kat, how nice of you to post. No, I wasn’t born in Sept, 1962, and don’t live in Arizona. Sometimes I wish I did though – with my vitamin D deficiency, the sun would be nice.

    I bet you didn’t have the exact same photo, but one close, cuz that one was taken by me in Maui last November.

    I love water and oceans, though. It’s so refreshing and relaxing.

  3. I have a habit of sharing the good news, so if I’ve already given this information to you, forgive me. I try to make a habit of keeping track, but I’m not always successful.

    There is a doctor, an endocrinologist in California by the name of Dr. St. Amand. He has a medical assistant by the name of Claudia Marek. Together, they have come up with an objective method of diagnosing Fibromyalgia, a successful protocol that totally reverses symptoms in 80% or better of their patients, and using the same objective method for diagnosing they can also objectively track the progress of the reversal. I am on the protocol myself. There are no mind fogging pain medications that are required to be on this protocol. The medication that is used can be obtained OTC and is not expensive. An even better version of the same medication can be obtained via prescrption. It’s more appropriate for most Fibro sufferers. If you read the site and his book, and they even have an online support group (free) for those on the protocol, you will begin to understand the ins and outs.

    Here is the site:


    The book: What Your Dr. May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia by Dr. St. Amand and Claudia Marek

    The site has the practitioners that they know of in every state who understand the protocol. It’s packed with information. There are no side effects to the medication, except when you reverse, you might feel worse for a couple of months, in which case, it’s certainly your option to use pain meds. I have the Chronic Fatigue Version of Fibro (high pain tolerance, so my main symptom in “Fibrofog” and total exhaustion most of the time) so my pain has only increased slightly. That’s actually encouraging for me, because I know the medication is having an effect on me.

    I have also written a post that outlines the protocol fairly well on my site at: elyakatz@wordpress.com under the “health” category in the left sidebar.

    I hope this helps you. I get nothing out of sharing except a sense of satisfaction that I’m helping others.

    Have a good day. I’m going to read more of your posts now.

  4. Just read about the Vit D deficiency. Might want to be tested for Lyme’s disease while you’re at it. 85% of Fibro sufferers have got Lyme’s disease according to some research. There are only two labs in the entire country (a relative told me this) who test for Lyme’s correctly. If your test comes back in a couple of days, the test was not done correctly. Should take about a month. I’m sorry, I don’t have the names of the labs.

    One characteristic of Lyme’s disease is that if the person increases their Vitamin D intake, they will get noticeably sicker? Why? The bacteria that live within the person’s blood cells flourish when Vitamin D is increased. So, my thinking goes like this: You’re deficient. Perhaps there is Lyme disease present which is using up your available stores of Vitamin D?

    I have yet to be tested…waiting on insurance. The tests aren’t cheap. I guess some doctors think we have an undiagnosed epidemic of Lyme’s in this country.

    Just a thought…

    Be well.

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